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Welcome To Mona's Thyroid Clinic

A Thyroid Clinic that cures patients of HYPOTHYROIDISM & HYPERTHYROIDISM. Here we use a holistic approach to thyroid health, which involves addressing the underlying causes of thyroid dysfunction, such as nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, etc. It emphasizes a nutritious diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and natural remedies to support thyroid function, alongside conventional medical treatments.

A renowned Naturopath, Dr. Mona Khosla began her journey of curing her thyroid naturally when she herself became a thyroid patient and was prescribed 75 -100mg Thyronorm. A disease not curable till one dies and symptoms also aggravating, forced her to study and experiment on herself.

Dr. Mona Khosla, an accredited naturopath and a member of INO (International Naturopathy Organisation), not only cured her thyroid but also helped and helping many more in getting 100% cured of this disease within a period of six months to one year, through her personal attention and care.


At Mona’s Thyroid Clinic, we bring 7 years of collective experience in providing comprehensive care for thyroid health. We have successfully supported countless individuals in managing thyroid disorders through evidence-based, integrative approaches. Combining advanced diagnostic tools, personalized treatment plans, and a deep understanding of natural medicine, we empower our patients to regain thyroid balance and improve overall well-being. Trust our expertise to guide you on your journey to optimal thyroid health.

For those who have Hypothyroid, doctors give them Thyroxine or Thyronorm (artificial hormones) as our body is not making enough hormones. They simply suppress the functioning of the thyroid gland and leave other minerals and vitamins unutilized, this affects the whole body i.e. heart, kidney, liver, lungs, etc. Instead of finding what’s deficient or the root cause behind this problem and curing it, they simply restrain the natural functioning.

Dr. Mona Khosla was also a thyroid patient, used to take 75 to 100 mcg, But what kept bothering her was “What exactly was going wrong in her body that she came across hypothyroidism and other problems like acne all over her face, osteopenia, anemia, feeling cold, weight gain, hair loss, etc.” And finally, after 4 years of study, research, and experimenting, she was able to cure herself.

By doing some blood tests and by making some lifestyle changes and a few changes in routine diet, we can cure our deficiencies, strengthening our immune system and thyroid disorder easily, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism.

Scientists get paid for finding the temporary remedy for the disease and not for finding the reason, why this disease happened. If they give you a cure for your disease, then how would this whole Medical Industry earn from years to years till the end of your life, making your condition Worse to WORST?


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