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Thyroid Journey

It all started when due to severe weakness I got my general whole body blood tests done on 18/11/2014. My TSH was 7.06. I went to General Physician and he suggested to take medicine for thyroid, but as I had heard earlier that once we start, we can’t stop till the end. So I told him my concern and asked if I can wait and he said yes till it reaches 8. Then I started going through books on thyroid and finding reasons, what causes this hypothyroidism. I started trying some of the remedies and diet controls also. But my weight reduced 2 kgs per week (reduced 6 kgs in a month) from 62 to 56 and on 17/7/2015 TSH increased to 7.57. I felt as if, it has increased a lot and stopped all the diet controls I was following.

Just after 6 month on 30/1/2016 TSH went up to 31.74 . I didn’t want to go to allopathy and take artificial harmones, so I ran to try the medicine of famous Yoga Guru known for his Ayurvededic Medicines in India medicine. One of the Yoga Guru famous for in INDIA. Met one of his specialist and took the medicines and did the asanas prescribed by him. But after 15 day’s medicine, on 16/2/2016 my TSH went up to 60.

So, to no avail, at last I fixed an appointment with one of the endocrinologist at and started taking Artificial Harmones, Thyronorm 75mcg as prescribed by him. He also advised not to experiment anymore and no need to take any dietary precautions, it’s all myth and also explained me that if once something is broken, we can’t mend it. So I’ll have to eat this bloody medicine till I die.

Now, I was supposed to take a tablet daily as my body was making less harmones and I also read that this tablet would first replace all my harmones and then my body would start functioning normally. Doc also told me that all my symptoms of hypothyroidism like gaining weight, brittle nails, dryness of hair and acne all over my face would go.

Me a bit depressed, but a bit happy also that I’ll be cured and would be normal with this medicine. I started taking thyronorm empty stomach religiously. Initially, Doc asked me to test and visit after every month, increased 12.5mcg but after second visit he asked to test after 3 months.

Just after one and a half month I felt palpitation and heart beat faster. I got my blood test done and found my TSH 0.54.

He checked the reports and reduced the medicine and again called me after 3 months.

If, I would have relied on these doctors and wouldn’t have got myself tested, I would have become BP patient also, as many other Thyroid patients are. And would have added one more daily tablet to my bucket.

I found the symptoms of hypothyroidism also not gone and started my journey of research, studying books and articles on thyroid and hormonal imbalance. Finally, after experimenting myself, I cured myself in December 2017. In the whole body tests also, my HB increased and everything came perfect and symptoms also gone like brittle nails, irregular menstruation, hair fall etc.


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